School Holiday Activities

school holiday activitiesSchool holiday activities are not something that we really have to worry about in our household as my kids seem to find things to occupy themselves, but for many families finding something to keep the kids occupied during the holidays is important. In many Australian states first term has just ended and families are starting two weeks of holidays. During this time, there’s nothing worse than to hear those dreaded statements – “I’m bored”, “What can I do?” or “There’s nothing to do”.

Only three days into this school holidays we’ve already undertaken a bushwalk and started a jigsaw puzzle. We’ve also got a few other things planned for the remaining days. If you are looking for some school holiday activities I’ve put together a few ideas below.

School Holiday Activities


If you live near a state or national park research out some walking tracks that are suitable for your family. We have recently been on a walk with our local Landcare group to a waterfall. This was a wonderful way for our kids to meet up with other children, whilst enjoying and learning about somewhere new in the area. If a state or national park are not a possibility for your family, don’t forget that most towns have a botanic gardens. Many botanic gardens run school holiday activities for families. Contact your local council to find out what school holiday activities might be organised in your area.

Local library

I’ve written before about utilising the wonderful resource that is your local library. Our local library always runs school holiday activities. These are often art/craft days, movie afternoons, game days. As Easter falls within our school holidays, many libraries are also holding Easter themed activities. Contact your local library to find out what they have to offer.

Board Games

Delve into that games cupboard that often doesn’t get opened during school terms. Take some family time and play a board game or learn a new card game. If you don’t own any board games, they are not expensive to purchase from many retail outlets, or even visit your local op-shop as they often have board games for sale at really low prices.

school holiday activitiesJigsaws

Our daughter received a 1000 piece jigsaw for Christmas. She’s been eager to start putting the puzzle together, but a lack of space has meant we have been unable to do this. With school holidays started, I’ve cleaned off our homeschool desk and she has now started putting her puzzle together. Obviously this will be a work in progress for most of the holidays, but a jigsaw can be a great way to keep kids occupied, even if it’s only for 5 minutes at a time.


Not always a cheap school holiday activity, but perhaps something that can be utilised as a treat for your children. Many movie theatres run child rated movies during the holidays. Search online or in the local newspaper for your local movie theatre.

Art & Craft

Art & craft always make great school holiday activities. If you are not the arty/crafty type, visit your local craft store or department store. They often have kits available for low prices that include everything you need to create your project.  As an alternative (and a way to get the kids outside), why not try some bark drawing.   Scrounge around your garden or the local park for some open, flat bark, get hold of some charcoal sticks, paint, texta or whatever art medium you like and get creative.


Lego is always a winner in our house and we have tubs full of it.  Design your own creations or get a Lego book to try your hand at building something new.  My eldest daughter recently made a Cat In The Hat from Lego.  It looked fantastic and she designed it from her own imagination.  Given enough free time, it is amazing what some children can create.

Outdoor Games/Treasure Hunt

My kids love designing their own games. They recently had hours of fun designing a treasure hunt for me. Ours was a fairly basic treasure hunt with directions just being arrows on the ground, but for older kids, they could take the time to write out directions. My treasure was a beautiful chalk decorated rock and your kids can make theirs as simple or elaborate as they like. Let them use their imagination and creativity and send them out into the backyard.

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