10 Favourite Kids Books

10 favourite kids booksI’m blessed that my children love books. It doesn’t matter if I’m reading to them, my eldest daughter is reading to me or my youngest is flipping through pages and pretending to read. Either way books play an extremely important part in our lives. For this reason I’ve put together a list of our 10 Favourite Kids Books. Please note, these books are in no particular order of favouritism. Continue reading


How do I start home schooling?

Home schooling is something that many people talk about, but few people have any idea just where to start.  It may seem like home schooling is just too difficult or complicated, or takes too much time.  It can also seem overwhelming – you may often ask the question, “How do I start home schooling my children?”

start home schooling

If you want to home school but are not sure where to begin, here are some tips that may help.

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Help Your Child to Read & Write


help your child to readActivities for Smart Kids is pleased to announce our online reading course through our sister site – Help Your Child to Read .  If you are interested in making sure your child masters the fundamental reading skills, then read on.

“Help Your Child to Read Better” covers all you need to know about developing your child’s ability to read and write in a systematic and step by step way.

With our online course “Help Your Child to Read Better”, you’ll discover how to:

  • Use your skills to prepare activities that will develop your child’s reading and writing.
  • Check your child’s sound awareness and knowledge and show how to blend three letter words and build on them.
  • Teach your child the different spelling of vowels in words.
  • Show how words can have similar spelling patterns.
  • Choose the type of books that support fluent reading.
  • Introduce comprehension skills.

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Keep Your Kid Safe at Home

Keep your kid safe at home by training him or her to think safety first.

boy_free_timeAs parents, we don’t want to leave our children home alone, but sometimes you have to.  A child at home alone is a distinct worry for absent parents.

With a few rules and reminders, you can help keep your child safe at home until you get there.

Keep your Kid Safe at Home by Training Them to be Safety Conscious

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Empathy is a Valuable Quality

Empathy is a strongly needed quality among all people. It is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

With more empathy comes more compassion, lower crime rates, and more unity among everyone.

As a result we all will live in a harmonious society.

Although empathy comes more naturally to certain people, it is something we should all strive to develop.

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