“Me Time” for Homeschooling Parents

One thing that a lot of homeschooling parents realise is the importance of a little “me time” to themselves. As a relatively new homeschooling Mum (3 years), I certainly have felt the benefits of just a little time every day by myself. Sometimes this will be in the early morning, sometimes in the evening – but whenever it is, it’s certainly something I need every day. But how do you fit this into the daily schedule and just what does one do during this “timeout”?


Finding time to have to yourself is not always easy. I’ve had to make sure that I put aside some time every day. It is something that I’ve had to prioritse, for if I don’t, it is easy just to get swept along in the routine of the day. One of my “me time” periods is first thing in the morning. To ensure I’m generally uninterrupted during this time, I’ve had to make sure that my whole family knows that unless it is really important you can’t interrupt me during this time. This is something I’ve only managed to achieve in recent years as my children have grown older. Before this I found it impossible as my kids would constantly interrupt or try to climb all over me!!! Now they are old enough to understand that this time is Mum time and not to interrupt unless absolutely necessary.

Free Delivery on all Books at the Book DepositoryThe other time I find to myself is, of course, after the children are in bed. Thankfully my children are still relatively young and therefore still go to bed relatively early. For parents of older/teenage children who are able to stay up later, this isn’t always an option, and I must admit that when that time comes for me it is something that I’m really going to have to get used to.

I know of other parents who take advantage of the time when their children are at sport, dancing or other activities. Some mothers who have young babies as well as older children take advantage of when their baby has their day time sleep to catch up on some much needed “me time”.


If you’re not someone who can easily sit still, sometimes taking this “me time” can be difficult to achieve. So what things can a busy parent do to relax for a short while each day? For me it is exercise, reading, doing some sewing or just watching tv.  I’ve recently taken up sewing dolls for my kids – something I haven’t done for many, many years.  It’s not difficult and is something I can do in the evening.  My morning time is spent doing exercise.  I find this really helps me start the day feeling invigorated and alert.

me timeFor others it might be knitting, drawing or watching a movie.

I know other parents who utilise their “me time” to go for a walk, meditate, read a book or whatever. It doesn’t really matter what, it’s just the opportunity to have some time to yourself.

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