Jigsaws – A great family activity

Jigsaws - Fun family activity

The weather is starting to warm up during this summer school holidays and sometimes activities are needed that keep our children indoors during the hottest part of the day. An activity that has been successful for us this summer is jigsaws.

Our eldest daughter received a large 750 piece jigsaw for Christmas and was keen to start putting it together. It wasn’t long before the entire family was playing a role in putting this jigsaw puzzle together.

First, due to the size of the jigsaw her Dad was seconded to find a board large enough to fit the puzzle. Table space is limited in our house, so the kitchen table was not a viable option. With a suitable board obtained, he then sat down and commenced helping her to find the edge pieces. With these sorted of course he stayed around to help with the edge construction. And so the family jigsaw journey started.

Each day after lunch we would get together as a family and spend an hour doing battle with the jigsaw.

jigsaws - fun family activity

Unfortunately my daughter soon realised that this puzzle was more complex than any she’s attempted before and her enthusiasm waned as pieces became harder to place. It was then that she found a different role to play in the completion of the jigsaw. She discovered that she was extremely good at finding where pieces belonged in the puzzle by looking at the picture on the box. As the adults became the persons responsible for placing the pieces on the board she became the person constantly called upon to identify a variety of individual pieces. This was a role she relished each day and certainly gave her a sense of importance in this family activity.

Our youngest daughter also played important roles. She was given the tasks of ensuring the pieces were always facing picture side up, finding pieces of a particular colour or sorting colours into different piles.

jigsaws - fun family activity

Jigsaws are a wonderful way to spend family time together where children of all ages can play some role. They can be a low cost activity with most large retail outlets stocking jigsaw puzzles of a variety of sizes for a reasonable price. Of course a dilemma does arise when the puzzle is completed – just what to do with this creation. Do we just pull it apart again or maybe have it glued together for a wall picture?

Whatever you decide, spend some family time together this summer holidays and get a jigsaw puzzle going today.


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