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Being a parent is one of the most challenging and rewarding tasks an adult can have.

It is a lifetime commitment.


  • Be physically demonstrative in a positive way. Hugging, interacting and playing with your child stimulate their intelligence and sense of well-being and stimulates higher order thinking skills.
  • Talk and listen to your child.
  • Begin their vocabulary development as soon as possible by reading to them as newborns. It doesn’t matter that a child doesn’t understand the words. They hear the rhythm of language. Smart kids are readers.456389
  • Introduce activities that develop both sides of the brain. Creativity and the arts are as important as maths and logic.


They must experience FREE play and play with other children. Children invent games and learn to socialise during playtime.


Exercise builds new brain cells and therefore intelligence as well as strength building.

Portrait Of Young Girl Learning To Play ViolinCHILDREN NEED MUSIC

Introduce a variety of music genres, not just popular music.  Listening to music can boost memory, attention, motivation and learning.  Relaxing to music reduces stress.

Encourage your child to play a musical instrument. Music affects proportional thinking and spatial-temporal reasoning and lays the foundation for studying mathematics.  The piano is an excellent tool to learn in the beginning.

It is never too early to introduce your child to a musical instrument even if it is only a whistle or mouth organ. Your child will still make music!


We often forget this. Let them see adults modelling positive behaviour particularly family members.

Interracial primary classroom learning to use laptop with their teacher.

Interracial primary classroom learning to use laptop with their teacher.


Computer activities are great when you present smart games to them.  Some of the early reading and mathematics websites are great resources. Computer games introduce a child to technology and also encourage eye and hand co-ordination. Also, the child can see that learning can be fun.



Make sure you regulate your child’s diet. Present fresh food and vegetables and limit fat Smiling girl with basket of vegetablesand sugars. Keep in mind that once weight is put on it is very difficult to lose.Your child needs to receive a variety of vitamins and minerals that are present in a balanced diet.



Family excursions to the zoo, museums, countryside, live theatre and tourist attractions widens your child’s view of life as well as storing up family memories.


Your child must learn the value of practice and effort.  Success relies on this.

Learning is a lifetime activity. A child’s attitude towards learning is developed in the early years.

I can be contacted at Marilyn@activitiesforsmartkids.com  I would be delighted to hear from you.

16 thoughts on “Home Activities

  1. Hi Marylin,

    A very nice post!

    I am a father of two wonderful boys and I know how easy it is not to give enough attention to your kids and become lost in your work, bills and other “important adult activities”. It is always good to remind yourself that playing even for half an hour a day with your children will make them feel so happy, as well as yourself!

    Thank you for this!

    • Hi Dmitriy. Your boys are fortunate to have such a caring father. I am sure they know how much you care about them. Your kids are with you for such a short time and making them a priority now will mean you will have no regrets later. Thank you for commenting on my article.

  2. Oh this came at just the right time for me and my sanity – it’s the school summer holidays ans we all know how bad they can be!
    I think the topic of exercise is the most important on the list you have just covered – especially with this xbox and playstation generation we’ve got growing around us. Great article, really enjoyed

    • Hi Chris, You are right about the importance of exercise. Lack of exercise affects a child’s health and intellectual development. Yes summer holidays are a challenge! Thank you for your comment it is very encouraging.

  3. Hi! What an amazing article!

    I am not a parent myself yet. Through the years I observed many failed parent-hoods. As a matter of fact most of them are. I guess not many people understood what you said in the beginning of the article about life-time commitment, before they got any children.

    You give so many great advices and it looks to me that majority of parents should read this article.

    • Hi Igor. It is serious when parents are unaware of the effect they are having on their children. Thank you for your supportive comments. I also think our society has a lot to answer for in the way materialism has taken over and parents are under enormous stress.

  4. This article about home activities for kids brings back old memories of my mother taking me to the local library when I was a kid.

    I would spent hours reading books especially those with interesting pictures – encyclopedia, history, nursery rhymes – and refused to leave sometimes. That cultivated my love for books and I eventually became a librarian in high school.

    I don’t know if I was smart child but I have a passion for reading. Even until now, as an adult, whenever my family goes shopping, you’ll find me in the bookstore.

    • Hi Cathy. I am sure you were a smart kid. Your mother gave you a great gift and it lead into a your career. I was the same sort of kid and love books as well. I have learned that every kid is a smart kid and a unique individual. Adults often forget this. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  5. I think that your website is great! I love the heading, it speaks about the idea all by itself. It is very informative about the idea and has very good and relative visuals, and will be an excellent topic to share except there are no social icons on your site. The content is easy to read and wonderfully engaging with just the right amount of visuals. Your site is also very friendly, welcoming and highly inviting. This is a great site and I think you’ve done a wonderful job!

    • Thank you for your feedback Retha and for reminding me about the social icons. I will work on getting them on the site. I appreciate the mention of the visuals. I do try to make them suit the text. Best wishes. Marilyn

  6. Marilyn,

    Very nice article on recommendations for raising smart children. I would have to say that many children who are not afforded these normal standards in some people’s reasoning. still have the ability to achieve high intellectual levels. They just have a better chance at doing so if they are raised in a caring environment, being able to actively engage in socialization and play activities.

    The study of music being a prerequisite for being ready to study math is interesting to me, as I have never played an instrument and I do quite well mathematically.

    I think it is safe to say that everyone has their own opinion on these things, but you do provide a general nurturing theme and that is always a good thing for childhood development.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Shawn. You are right everyone does have an opinion and the bottom line is the individual child is unique with their own abilities. Nurturing is the key. I think it is important to allow every child a childhood where they are free from stressful adult expectations while their gifts are being nurtured.

  7. Hi Marilyn,

    Your site has the perfect layout. And this topic is on point. Most of us will be parents very soon so we need stuffs like these to keep our wards in shape.

    Thanks for pointing out all these tips of how to raise smart kids through these smart activities. Well done.


  8. Wonderful!!. Really needed article for parents!. I am mother of smart twin kids 🙂 and i am adopting all the techniques that you have listed here. Be it exposing them to the technology, actively playing with them.., practicing with vocabulary etc..

    In addition, I am also providing necessary training on Gardening, Home cleaning, basic ideas of cooking, stimulating thought process…

    • Thank you Mani for taking the time to comment on the article. We love hearing from enthusiastic parents. Parenting can be so rewarding. It certainly appears you find it so.

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