Math Activities for Kids

math activities

The subject my daughter least enjoys in our home schooling curriculum is math. Whilst she is quite competent for her age, math is the subject that holds her attention the least. As a way of ensuring that her home schooling days remain interesting, I’ve had to look at a variety of math activities to help with her math curriculum.

As a home schooling parent I prefer to find activities that utilise items that are available in our home. The following math activities are just some of the ones we enjoy playing.

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Mathematics can be learned and parents must point out the benefits


Saying ‘I’m not good at maths’ is not cool – negative attitudes are affecting business

Catherine Attard, Western Sydney University

How many times have you heard people say “I’m not good at maths”?

Perhaps you’ve said it yourself. Often people make the statement with pride, almost implying it’s “cool” to be bad at maths.

Imagine if the same number of people claimed “I’m not good at reading”. I don’t think it would be deemed socially acceptable – in fact, most people would be embarrassed to make that claim.

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