Importance of self-directed play

girl_fairy self-directed playAside from the fact that it gives me time to do my own work, the benefits of my children undertaking self-directed play are enormous. As I home school my children, we spend nearly all day, every day together and whilst I love spending time with them, I would struggle if I had to keep them constantly occupied each day. It is in this regard that I am thankful that my two girls have the ability, imagination, inspiration and motivation to occupy themselves and play together.

As we come into winter their ability to undertake self-directed play will become more important. We live in an area where winters are long, wet and very cold. Outdoor play is often short-lived or not achievable at all for days on end. Indoor play is often our only choice to keep our kids active and thankfully electronic devices are not high on their entertainment list.

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How to Discipline a Child by Nurturing Their Developing Brain

ParentingMost parents want to know how to discipline a child without harming them either emotionally or physically.

As a parent you care about

  • Nurturing your child’s mind
  • Developing in them a sense of wonder
  • Helping them to reach their potential in all aspects of their life

Being a parent is a huge responsibility and at times it can seem overwhelming.

Do you often fall short of your expectations of yourself as a parent and does your relationship with your child often seem fraught with difficulties?

I guess most parents can relate to that, myself included.

I am going to present some ideas and strategies over the next few weeks to make your parenting more rewarding.

Your child's brain keeps developing throughout their life.

Your child’s brain keeps developing throughout their life.

To begin I am going to present some information about your child’s brain. You can then begin your parenting with your child’s brain in mind.


Because your child’s brain plays the central role in every aspect of their life. The same as ours does. It is their brain that determines who they are and what they do.


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Nature & Maths – A Great Teaching Combination


For some children learning maths comes very easy. For others maths can be a little harder to understand. When this happens, perhaps you need to look at alternative ways of getting the message across.

My daughter is homeschooled and we are currently doing comparisons in our maths curriculum. Comparing one group against another & calculating the difference in value between the two groups. In general she has a very good understanding of maths and has coped quite well with everything in our curriculum. However in completing this latest section, she has seemed to struggle just a little. Perhaps it is the fact that Christmas is just around the corner & she’s more interested in what Santa might bring, but whatever the reason, I found that her concentration levels were dropping as soon as we started maths each day.

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Knitting – A Great Activity for Kids

finger_knitting_3I was introduced to knitting as a child, although I must admit it was not something I really took to. I tended to enjoy completing an embroidery piece a lot more than sitting down to knit something. This lack of interest in knitting has therefore caused me to be a little ignorant in the various methods that knitting can encompass.

Therefore, it might seem strange, but until a couple of years ago I’d never heard of finger knitting. Perhaps I did do it at primary school, but with the passing of quite a few years, I certainly do not remember. It was not until a friends grandchild came to visit that she introduced the wonders of this craft to me. Since then I’ve been waiting for my children to be old enough so that I could introduce finger knitting to them.

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Pros and Cons of Homeschooling must be Considered but Resources are Plenty

The pros and cons of home schooling must be considered of course. If you are considering  homeschooling your child, first watch this video where Sir Ken Robinson explains how a new approach to education is necessary. He is a humorous and thoughtful speaker and you will understand Multiple Intelligences and how you can incorporate them in your home schooling.

Sir Kenneth Robinson is an English author, speaker and international advisor on education in the arts to government, non profits, education and arts bodies.

Home-schooling your child can be rewarding and successful for you and your child.


The whole structure of education is shifting beneath our feet.

Intelligence is interactive.

If you’re not prepared to be wrong you will never come up with something creative.

Sir Ken Robinson