10 Favourite Kids Books

10 favourite kids booksI’m blessed that my children love books. It doesn’t matter if I’m reading to them, my eldest daughter is reading to me or my youngest is flipping through pages and pretending to read. Either way books play an extremely important part in our lives. For this reason I’ve put together a list of our 10 Favourite Kids Books. Please note, these books are in no particular order of favouritism. Continue reading


Dr. Seuss Books Best Selling of All Time

Dr Seuss Books are perfect for young readers to enjoy

Dr Seuss Books are perfect for young readers to enjoy.

Dr. Seuss books have sold millions of copies around the world. His books are available in 15 languages.

He is one of the best-selling children’s authors of all time.

Many children have learned to read enjoying Dr. Seuss Books.

 Theodor (Ted) Seuss Geisel wrote his books because he believed children should have fun.


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Book Review -The World’s Worst Children

Book Review of World's Worst Children

Book Review of World’s Worst Children

This book review concerns a book I have really enjoyed. I see it as one of the latest best books for kids due to its originality.
I am certainly aware of David Walliams as a successful actor and author, but I have not read any of his other books yet but have every intention of doing so.

He is a bestselling children’s author. There are  many a book review about his bestselling titles.
As a former teacher librarian, I did know about Tony Ross’s ability as an illustrator. I do appreciate his work.

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Top Children’s Books That Make Reading a Fun Activity for Smart Kids

readingFortunate is the child who develops a love of reading in childhood. Of all the fun activities available for kids these days reading has to be at the top of the list.

When a child’s imagination is engaged by a skillful writer no adult has to worry about how their child’s reading will progress.

I have chosen the work of  authors whose books are best sellers because they appeal to a wide audience. They are not ranked in order of importance. All are top children’s books.

I have chosen these books because I have experienced the positive reaction to them by many classes of children.

Reading to your kids? Not sure where to start?

Are you a parent who wants to know what books to read to kids? You know there is a limitless selection these days. You undoubtedly know about classic children’s books such as ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘Peter Pan’ but are unaware of some of the best-selling titles of popular children’s authors.

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