10 Favourite Kids Books

10 favourite kids booksI’m blessed that my children love books. It doesn’t matter if I’m reading to them, my eldest daughter is reading to me or my youngest is flipping through pages and pretending to read. Either way books play an extremely important part in our lives. For this reason I’ve put together a list of our 10 Favourite Kids Books. Please note, these books are in no particular order of favouritism. Continue reading


The Benefits of Reading to Children

The benefits of reading to children are obvious.

Both parents contribute to their children's welfare.

Both parents contribute to their children’s welfare.

I was fortunate I had a mother who read to me. I still remember her making sure her four children had access to books and libraries. She showed me how much she valued literature.

Her influence has reached her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Mem Fox, best-selling children’s author, and literacy educator, says if every adult caring for a child read three stories to them every day illiteracy would be wiped out  within one generation. Continue reading


Top Children’s Books That Make Reading a Fun Activity for Smart Kids

readingFortunate is the child who develops a love of reading in childhood. Of all the fun activities available for kids these days reading has to be at the top of the list.

When a child’s imagination is engaged by a skillful writer no adult has to worry about how their child’s reading will progress.

I have chosen the work of  authors whose books are best sellers because they appeal to a wide audience. They are not ranked in order of importance. All are top children’s books.

I have chosen these books because I have experienced the positive reaction to them by many classes of children.

Reading to your kids? Not sure where to start?

Are you a parent who wants to know what books to read to kids? You know there is a limitless selection these days. You undoubtedly know about classic children’s books such as ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘Peter Pan’ but are unaware of some of the best-selling titles of popular children’s authors.

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Summer Activities for Kids

It is so important to keep children’s brains engaged over the summer months, so they don’t lose the skills they have developed in the previous academic year. Summer activities for kids can be fun as well as ensuring your child continues to reinforce the learning they have mastered.

Studies have indicated that children who do not experience challenging activities throughout the summer holidays often start the new school year at a disadvantage. Some children fall as much as three months behind.

Staying academically active in the summer doesn’t have to be dry and boring, though. There are many creative ways to keep the wheels in your child’s brains rolling!

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How to Teach a Child to Read – The First Steps

Many parents are unsure about how to help their child learn to read. They worry about how and when.

Research has come up with the pre-requisites and I outline them in this article.
Most children begin to learn to read around five or six years of age. Of course a few children do learn to read before this age. Researchers tend to think that before these ages most children have not formed the neural connections necessary for the decoding of print.

I am a firm believer in reading readiness. Hopefully you will understand why after reading this article.

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