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martynfinal-EditI trained as a primary teacher and librarian specializing in children’s literature and literacy development.

Primary teaching is a job that can bring out your creativity because of the subjects you teach.

I was fortunate to have had many opportunities in my childhood. I experienced learning art and crafts, sports, dancing, horse riding, country and beach holidays and live theatre.

My formal teaching career spanned thirty-five years in primary and secondary schools where I taught children from prep grade to year nine.

I was particularly interested in teaching children who had difficulty learning to read. I taught many students who were struggling with learning to read and still do as a private tutor.

eCover_800My book, in soft cover and eBook form, ‘Phonics for Kids: Help Your Child to Read and Write Better ‘outlines my literacy teaching approach.

I wrote my book to share my knowledge and experience to help as many children as possible become fluent readers and writers.

An online eBook entrepreneur published my first manuscript. He planted the vision of an online business in me.

I have worked as an educational publisher’s representative, book shop manager and book trade representative.

I gained my business experience in this way.

One of my goals was to have my own business, but I had no idea what it would be.

So I developed a tutoring business that is successful. I have had students stay with me for years. My students have been gifted as well as those who needed one on one instruction to develop reading and maths skills.

Always having my business dream in the back of mind I attended many seminars held by online entrepreneurs.

Thanks to the Internet it is easier to develop a business today.

But what would it be was the question I had to answer?

Initially, I saw myself as an online tutor and began researching ways to do this.

My tutoring of students outside the school system reminded me of how important parents are in the education of their child. These children also experienced many out of school activities, and the families shared many activities together.

My business idea ‘ ACTIVITIES FOR SMART KIDS’ was a result of this insight. My wish is that all children experience opportunities in childhood that increase their potential.


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