10 Favourite Kids Books

10 favourite kids booksI’m blessed that my children love books. It doesn’t matter if I’m reading to them, my eldest daughter is reading to me or my youngest is flipping through pages and pretending to read. Either way books play an extremely important part in our lives. For this reason I’ve put together a list of our 10 Favourite Kids Books. Please note, these books are in no particular order of favouritism.

Captain Underpants Series10 favourite kids books

This is not just one book, but a series of 13 books. These books are the creation of American author, Dav Pilkey. Based on the lives of two rather fun-loving & mischevious young boys who attend Jerome Horwitz Elementary School and their escapades with some creative creatures, this series has been a hit with my girls. They love the outrageous story lines and the bizarre creations represented in the books.

Note: My only hesitation in reading these books was the presence of incorrect spelling in the cartoon sections. As a result we would read the stories as opposed to having my daughter read them.

10 favourite kids booksMarge In Charge

The latest creation from Australian actress Isla Fisher was a definite winner in our house. Featuring Marge, with rainbow coloured hair and a bevy of outrageous stories, she is a rather interesting choice as a babysitter for children Jake and Jemima. She is certainly a babysitter like no other and life is never dull when Marge is in charge. From making chocolate soup to racing snails the two children have exciting times when Marge is in charge. This book constantly had my girls in fits of laughter.

10 favourite kids booksThe Day the Crayons Quit

Written by Drew Daywalt, with illustrations by Oliver Jeffers this book had to make our top 10 favourite Kids books. This book revolves around the feelings of the coloured crayons owned by a young boy called Duncan. Each crayon writes a letter to Duncan and the stories they tell really resonated with my girls. I have to admit that I even had a chuckle with poor peach crayon. I seem to be always finding the wrapper from my kids crayons around the house.

The Magic Faraway Tree & The Enchanted Woodmagic_faraway_tree

These classic stories from Enid Blyton were one of the first from this author that we introduced to our girls. Right from the first chapter, both my children have been entranced by the magical worlds that await at the top of the Faraway Tree and the wonderful characters of Saucepan Man, Moon Face & Silky. These books are regularly requested by my girls and therefore had to make our 10 favourite Kids books.


Who can go past the adventures of Pearlie the Park Fairy as a favourite for reading. Written by Australian comedian, Wendy Harmer, my children love listening to the characters that Pearlie meets as she travels around the world.

The Tale of Peter RabbitThe Tale of Peter Rabbit

The classic story written by Beatrix Potter in 1902 features the adventures of rebellious little Peter Rabbit and his friends as they visit Mr McGregor’s garden have long been a favourite of my children. My youngest daughter loves anything featuring rabbits and as a consequence this story is constantly being requested. This wonderful classic adventure should always feature on a favourite book list.

The Cat In The Hat

The original Dr Suess story is also on the 10 Favourite Kids Books list. My girls love the antics of The Cat in the Hat and the mayhem he creates.

Very Hungry CaterpillarThe Very Hungry Caterpillar

Although my girls do not request this book as often as they used to, they were definite in their listing of this book on their 10 Favourite Kids Books list. Written by Eric Carle and first published in 1969, there would be very few homes that haven’t enjoyed this story.

Are We There Yet?are_we_there

Written by Alison Lester, my children enjoyed reading this book so much that I ended up purchasing a copy as I could no longer keep re-borrowing it from the library. This book was first published in 2004 and is based on an actual journey around Australia undertaken by the author,. This book has formed a part of our geography studies of Australia in our homeschooling. When a town visited in the book is mentioned in our daily discussions, our children will always mention this book.  They know all the localities by heart and can’t resist joining in when Billy says “Are we there yet?”

morris_mooseMorris Goes to School

This is an old book that was given to my brother when he was a child. My children love to hear the story of Morris and his introduction to school where he learns to read and count. Our copy was published in 1971, however this book is still available online.


I know this is meant to be our 10 favourite books, but I couldn’t finish the list without adding this all time favourite. Written by the wonderful Roald Dahl, this book was a turning point for my eldest when she was first learning to read. Upon hearing this book read to her, she went from a reluctant reader to someone who suddenly wanted to be like Matilda with a love of books.  Consequently, she currently has 3 different books on the go at once!!

These might be our 10 (or actually 11) favourite kids books, however there are plenty of others that rate high. We have filled our bookcase with books that my girls adore looking at and reading over and over. What are your favourite kids books?

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